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Deer Run on The Atlantic

Special Events at Deer Run on The Atlantic

Deer Run on the Atlantic works exclusively with Chef Gail Patak for all in house events including weddings. Chef Patak is a classically trained chef who now works exclusively for the greater good doing only vegan catering. Chef Patak is a certified wedding planner, a Food for Life nutrition counselor, a certified event planner, and a full-time professional chef. When you’re ready to have your event at Deer Run, you’ll be working directly with Gail Patak for all your event needs.

As Chef Patak is of the highest caliber plant-based chef and planner, we do not work with any other caterers at this time.

Catering Services

Chef Gail Patak

Gail Patak is a credentialed chef, an experienced educator, a certified International Event & Wedding Planning professional, a successful businesswoman, and imaginative entrepreneur. She also specializes in vegan cuisine; although in that respect, she totally contradicts the stock image of vegans as out-of-the-mainstream.

From 2006 until today, Patak has established a strong track record as both an independent caterer and restaurant associated professional event planner and caterer⁠—going the whole nine yards, from developing party themes to sourcing venues, designing invitations, coordinating guest lists, creating floral arrangements, hiring and leading staffs, and of course, composing, preparing,
and serving customized menus. Patak created and executed the very popular Farm to Table events with a strong focus on highlighting regional non-profits groups. She has worked diligently to bring people together for the betterment of the community with regards to issues of animal protection, ocean conservation, and promoting health and nutrition. “It is so important to give back and garner a sense of community.”

The common thread throughout Chef Patak’s professional career is, quite simply, passion. It is a fabric that, she tells us, “has taken many turns over the years... but at all times it has been something I love to share or to inspire others to achieve their goals.”




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