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Deer Run on The Atlantic

Pet-Friendly Room

Deer Run is a very small boutique style bed and breakfast; we have just one room designated for guests traveling with their animal companions. We strive to make every guest have a positive experience, and desire the same for companion animals traveling with guests. The following is required for compliance at Deer Run to allow companion animal(s) in the guest room. Our policy is established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, as well as your cherished companions. If you are traveling with animal companions, become familiar with our policy before you book, here is our policy for bringing your beloved animal companions:

  • There is a $20.00 (plus tax) per day fee for each animal companion; there is a limit of 2 animal companions in the room; small and mid-size animals only (less than 40 pounds). “Pocket pets” (mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) are welcome, adhering to the same policies. EXCLUDED from our hosting abilities are: BIRDS, REPTILES, PIGS AND ANY ANIMAL CONSIDERED WILD (i.e.: skunk, raccoon, possum, etc.) For guests staying 7 days or longer, there is a flat fee of $100 per animal for the stay in lieu of a daily fee.

  • Anyone who may arrive with a larger animal will be referred out for local boarding at guest’s expense. This is NOT recommended, as there is no way to guarantee boarding space will be available for your large animals and is very unfair especially to the companion animals. We simply do not have room space for larger animals to be comfortable.

  • Companion animals may not interfere or mingle with local wildlife including Key deer.

  • Companion animals must be declared at the time of reservation.

  • All Deer Run rooms are on the second floor with stairs in place. If any companion animal cannot safely walk up the stairs, or be transported up the stairs safely by the guest, Deer Run is not the right fit for your visit and no reservation should be made.

  • Guest agrees to immediately clean up on grounds and in the room, from companions.

  • Guest agrees to comply with all local laws regarding companion animals, including compliance with the Monroe County Leash Law which states that dogs must be leashed at all times when outdoors; this is not limited to Deer Run property, but extends to ALL of Monroe County.

  • Guest agrees to be responsible for any and all damage caused by any animals in the room and on the property.

  • If the companion animal(s) are left unattended at any time, the guest agrees to keep the companion in crate/kennel. Please do not leave crated/kenneled companions alone for unreasonable lengths of time. We can provide names of local pet sitters for the times guests will be away from the inn (for example, a trip to Dry Tortugas), but we strongly recommend making arrangements with local pet sitters ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your schedule.

  • Guest must provide Deer Run owners with their cell phone number in case of emergency.

  • Guest agrees to hold Deer Run owners, employees and other guests free from liability in any way in regards to companion animals’ actions. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Deer Run, it’s owners/agents/assigns from any liability, damages, injuries or death resulting from their companion animals.

  • Companion animal food may not be stored OR presented outdoors ever, at any time, as this will attract wildlife and insects. Deer Run is located within the limits of the Key Deer Refuge, and there are Federally protected species on-site and within the area.

  • For the safety and serenity of our own Deer Run companion animals, guest’s companion animals are not invited to participate in the common breakfast service.

  • Companion animals may not be tied up or chained on the property at any time on the grounds, or within the patio/room.

  • All companion animals must be current on vaccinations, in good health, free of fleas, well behaved, and not have any communicable diseases or illness. We do ask that vaccination papers be provided prior to arrival, which can be done by scanning or sending to us through Dropbox online.

  • Guest assumes any and all financial responsibility for any damage caused in any way by companion animal, including but not limited to, stained/chewed/damaged linens, excessive hair removal, odor removal, chewing of any furniture or object not meant to be chewed, scratches on wall/furniture/room items or any other damage which occurs from companion animal(s).

  • Guest agrees to be mindful of the comfort of other guests and property owners and agrees to minimize any noise caused by companion animal(s).

  • Guest will be financially responsible if Deer Run has to compensate or move other guests as a result of any disruption by the companion animal(s).

  • Upon arrival, guests will be asked to agree to these policies in writing, pay the nightly per animal fee and agree to have any damages paid by credit card.

  • Additional restrictions may apply. Violations of any or all of these guidelines may result in immediate termination of the reservation without refund.

Violation of our policies results in an immediate request to leave, no refunds extended. By booking, you automatically agree to our policies. We look forward to hosting you and your companion animal(s) and trust that these policies will make everyone’s experience, including your companion's stay, happy and healthy.

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