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Deer Run on The Atlantic


A 2-night minimum is in place until further notice. No exceptions.

We continue to be pet friendly, however, we no longer will be providing enrichment toys for companion animals, and companion animals may not accompany guests into Coffee Bar. Also, please refer to our regular pet policies on our website. 

If unwell, we will not be working or interacting with guests. No exceptions. This is how it’s always been here.

If a guest is ill, innkeepers must be notified immediately. Further actions will be as needed if a situation should arise.

As we have always done, a complete stripping of linens, blankets, and towels will be done. All laundry is done on-site in our high heat washer, which also has a steam feature if needed. We use TruEarth laundry strips at Deer Run.  All laundry is dried in our dryer, never hung to air dry.  Absolutely no linens are left behind in a room after checkout, all linens, sheets, towels, and all pillow encasements are laundered between guests. No “extra” blankets or towels are stored in rooms any longer, they are provided upon request as needed.

Rooms, private balconies (and balcony furniture) are thoroughly cleaned using hospital disinfectant between guests, including floors (both in the room and private balcony). Curtains are sprayed with virucide.  Remotes are cleaned in the same manner. Any literature in rooms is fresh upon each check-in. Deer Run on the Atlantic has invested in a UVC Germicidal lamp as an even stronger beneficial precaution for our guests health and safety. Once the cleaning and sanitizing of a room is completed, the UVC Germicidal lamp will be placed and turned on for the appropriate time.

Cleaners meet or exceed the standards set by governing authorities regarding Covid19. We have gone through extensive efforts to source the most eco-friendly, low impact cleaners available to us. The names of products in use are available on request, as they have always been.

We have removed the following items in guest rooms until further notice: pens, notepads, guest books, guide books, novels, promotional materials, and any other non-essential paper literature.

There has never been, nor is there now, smoking or vaping allowed on our property.

Once a room is cleaned and sanitized, now a sticker will be placed over the locked entry key, not even innkeepers will enter that room until guest check-in.

Per Executive Order, guests must have a face-covering upon check-in. If you do not have one, you will be given one and must wear it as directed by whatever governing Order is in place.
No self check-ins until further notice; no after-hours check-ins until further notice, no exceptions. We are expanding our regular check-in hours to 2p-8pm for added convenience. The full check-in procedure is provided upon arrival at our gate. Call in, you will receive a gate code, with instructions. Travelers are responsible for making sure flight times comport with Deer Run's regular check-in hours.

All reservations now must be paid in full 48 hours PRIOR to arrival, through PayPal, until further notice.

Common areas are cleaned and sanitized using the same products as guest rooms. We have created a maintenance checklist for cleaning high contact points multiple times a day, which will be visible to our guests for the upstairs on display in the veranda area, and for the downstairs on display in the Honor Bar area. This is so you can see what has been done, and be assured tasks were completed at appointed times.

Deer Run on the Atlantic has installed sanitizer dispensers throughout the inn for guests' use.

The saltwater spa will be open, with restrictions. Protocols explained on check-in.

The massage studio is closed until further notice.

Kayaks, bicycles, helmets, and lifejackets are all still included and available for use during guest stays. Sanitizing protocols are explained upon check-in.

Deer Run, and all amenities, are for registered guest use only. No exceptions.

Until further notice, our breakfast service is modified to be a light takeaway only, picked up in the morning at our Coffee Bar, to be enjoyed in your room or your personal balcony.  Rest assured, we have sourced the most eco-friendly options available for all packaging to do our best to limit product afterlife impact.

Guests must wear masks during pickup.

The Coffee Bar will be open daily commencing 7 am, and close at 10 am. The Coffee Bar is stocked with compostable cups during this time. Guests must not congregate more than each room on its own (2 people) in the Coffee Bar.  Beverages must be enjoyed out of the common dining area. That means, please get your coffee/tea and enjoy it in your room, on your own balcony, or outside while observing social distancing practices.

Guests must wear masks during the time in the Coffee Bar.

The interior upstairs common area is closed until further notice. Our animals will not be making social visits on the veranda; the doors will remain closed. The tribe will miss you immensely, these measures are not permanent.

Masks must be worn upon check in, when dealing with innkeepers, and when in the Coffee Bar. If you do not have one, one will be provided.

Any special orders for add on (wine/nondairy cheese platters, or cakes) will no longer be offered in any way other than boxed and may not be available at certain times. Until further notice, the nondairy cheese/treat boards, when available, will be provided packed in containers and boxes, with disposable plates, napkins, and flatware.

The fabulous Made in Key West Yukatas, Keys scrub tops, and Keys flags that we offer for sale will no longer be on display, however, these items are still available for purchase through the innkeepers, using PayPal on site.

Stream to Sea reef-safe sunblock will no longer be on display, however, these items are still available for purchase through the innkeepers, using PayPal on site.

Deer Run on the Atlantic has built our business on a sincere level of care and concern for our guests, and this, of course, remains our commitment. As a legally licensed bed and breakfast, we will be following CDC and AHLA recommendations as well as any additional protocols above and beyond instituted by us.

Persons not adhering to protocols in place by us, local, State and Federal agencies are subject to expulsion.

Reservations may be subject to mandatory cancellation upon any Executive Order precluding visitor stays set by local, State, or Federal governmental entities.

Our regular policies remain in effect which are published on our website in detail.

Deer Run on the Atlantic reserves the right to amend these policies and protocols at any given time as conditions merit.




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